Monsoon Makeup Tips

It’s preferable to not put on foundation during the monsoons, because it tends to melt off if you get caught in the rain. Apply a thin layer of face powder instead, just enough to absorb grease off your face.


Waterproof mascara, eyeliner and kohl go without saying.

Put on a light application of water-friendly cream blushers. Dab lightly in an outward direction with a tissue and blend well. Blush looks prettiest when there’s just a hint of it.

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For lipcolor, opt for long-stay, matte lipsticks. Creme based lipcolor will melt right off.


Use water-based moisturisers, as the skin loses its natural hydration due to excess sweating.

We suggest applying toner, or astringent (if you have oily skin), just before applying your makeup and gently rubbing your face with an ice cube after cleansing so that you sweat less, thus making your makeup last longer.

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