Most iconic lip locks-you have to check out!!!


Hugs, kisses, roses, and chocolates- Valentine’s Day is just two days away and the spirit of love is everywhere. The years gone by have shown us some beautiful, passionate moments that have had a lasting impression on us all. Is there anything as passionate and hot as a classic lip to lip action? Let’s be honest here and say no, not really!

Listed below are 10 such moments on-screen and off screen that have the power to run shivers down our backs.



Number one on our list, the kiss by Alfred Eisenstaedt, is not something unheard off. The picture features an American sailor kissing a young nurse at Times Square on the day that marked the end of the Second World War, also known as V-J Day (Victory over Japan Day).


Then, there’s that innocent and sweet kiss that defined many of our childhoods. Lady and the Tramp.


We all have seen Dirty Dancing and we all have swooned when Baby danced her way into a kiss from Johnny.


We cannot leave out this iconic moment of 1997 when Jack and Rose kissed on the Titanic.


Allie and Noah’s steamy kiss in the rain after all the years of separation, gives us the tingles every single time.


How ecstatic were all you Ross and Rachel fans when they finally had their first kiss in the second season’s seventh episode (Yep, we know which episode it is).


Spider-Man (Toby McGuire) and Mary Jane’s (Kirsten Dunst) upside-down kiss makes our list of best kisses!


One of the most viral images of 2011, the photograph features a couple in the middle of the street during the Vancouver hockey riots. People called this picture the next “V-J Day in Times Square”.


Even a die hard team Jacob fan can’t ignore the chemistry in the couples kissing scenes. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s passionate kisses during The Twilight Saga won the MTV Best Kiss award for four years straight!


We don’t know about you guys, but us Mindy fans were screaming in joy when our beloved Dr.Lahiri and Dr. Castellano finally lip locked in the series’ second season. (Yay!)