Mumbai Diaries: Photographs that represent Mumbai

A romanticized series of images which looks at living in an Older Bombay. One which is constantly grappling with change (as most urban spaces are). This is my home.

By Hashim Badani

1- Mohamedi Tayebi Building was located in Bhindi Bazar, this is one of the many structures that has been razed to make way for the cities first cluster development project.
1- Fading Bombay
2- Jogeshwari was home to several Tabelas (Buffalo sheds), most of them have been relocated as land prices rocketed and the sheds were deemed unsanitary.
2- Jogeshwari Tabelas
3- The only Iranian Hamam in the city might shut its doors soon. The bathhouse is more than half a century old and is located besides Mughal Masjid in Dongri.
3- Irainian Hamam
4- Akadha’s were an easy find in the central parts of Bombay, which were also home to mills and mill workers. The mills are gone and so are many of these spaces.
4- Bombay Akadhas
5- An etched mirror in the Naaz Cinema lobby at Lamington Road was once the epicentre of Bollywood distributors. It now lies in a state of disrepair.
5- Naaz Cenima
6- The tough neighbourhood of Nagpada produces some of the cities best basketball players courtesy of the Nagpada Basketball Association.
6- Nagpada Baskeball Association
7- The JJ Flyover snakes its way through Mohammed Ali Road. Mr Haji Mohmad Yusuf Banaraswala uses this to his advantage by leaving his windows wide open so that people can peak into his home and admire his gorgeous plate collection.
7- Haji Mohmad Yusuf Banaraswala
Copyright- Hashim Badani
Image Credit- Hashim Badani
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About Hashim Badani
Traveler, Bombay lover. Contributing Photographer- Lonely Planet Magazine India, Working on a book on Bombay’s Irani caf├ęs for Roli Books.



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