Mumbai’s best desserts are just a few kilometers away

When the craving comes a-knockin’, Mama Z’s says “Oh my pie!”.

Desserts in Mumbai aren’t the same anymore and here’s the sole reason to blame. A month-old takeaway service, MAMA Z’s in Cuffe Parade promises to satiate your cravings with a tray full of the best sweet treats. Tempt Santa this Christmas or simply indulge in pure-play deliciousness, make Mama Z’s your triple-threat destination this season. We caught up with the original sweet tooth of South Bombay, owner and curator of Mama Z’s, Zarine Davar for a quick chat over desserts, MZ’s and sweet nothing. Excerpts below!

SIDDHARTH BATRA: Quite honestly, pies have always reminded me of Mark and Juliet from ‘Love Actually’. What’s your first memory of the pie?

ZARINE DAVAR: “A quiche Lorraine, obviously! That combination of bacon and cheese, just WOW.”

SB: Mothers are the best at delicacies and savouries. But what brought about your transition from just ‘orders for my loved ones’ to Mama Z’s?

ZD: “My daughters, Daneesh and Shaheen! They inspired me to bring Mama Z’s to life, as always.”

SB: Sweet! So your menu is doling out only three delicious currently, is it?

ZD: “We did start off with just making pies. However, this wasn’t a planned move! But we’ve just recently added a few more options to our menu.”

SB: That’s exciting! Now this could be an obvious considering your love for desserts, but what’s your favourite part about a meal?

ZD: “All of it! But contrary to my profession, I’m not very gung-ho about the desserts, unless they’re fruity or lemony in base. I prefer the entrees and starters more!”

SB: Surprising! If Mama Z’s had an anthem, what would it be?

ZD: “Food is love and love is food!”

SB: Are desserts your forte or simply a guilty pleasure turned profession?

ZD: “Desserts are my forte but ironically not my pleasure. Never really figured out why, but after all, this is a gift and not to be analysed at all.”

SB: Since Mama Z’s inception, the rush of orders must be tremendous! All the bananas must be making you go bananas, no?

ZD: “Oh, not at all! I’m more than happy and delighted to be spreading love through Mama Z’s!”

SB: What’s the most under-rated baking tool? And the most over-rated?

ZD: Haha, I’m not much of a ‘tool’ person!

SB: What the best accompaniment to a banoffee pie?

ZD: “Coffee!”

SB: Agreed! Since MZ’s is an absolute takeaway service, how can one get their hands on your offerings?

ZD: “You can place an order on Scootsy or call us at +91 8291-484465!”

SB: And finally, what’s on the horizon for Mama Z’s? If you tell me you’re launching something brand-new, I’d like a promise that I would be the first one to try!

ZD: Of course! We’re now launching warm artichoke and spinach dips, chicken liver parfaits with onion and apple jam and the indispensable, tiramisu. All yummy!

SB: This was fun, see you soon Mama Z!

ZD: See you, Sid!


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