Music To Our Ears

Eclectic music band Ryan Victor Project is going to be playing on Sunday, 29th of November at StyleCracker Borough, Mumbai. We talk to the talented musicians on what’s trending in music right now.


When and where was the band formed?
A year back although we’ve have known each other for eight years.

How would you define your ‘music style’?
Apart from heavy metal, we play all genres of music. Since all the four band members have a different and unique music background, we have fused all the genres to create our own distinct music. We incorporate a little bit of everything – pop, classic rock, jazz.

How do you plan to re-invented these genres?
We have blended all the genres and focus on creating original commercial music which people can connect with, is catchy and hits the heart instantly.

Tell us a little more about the soon to be released album.
It’s titled ‘No Looking Back’ and contains a total of six songs, out of which the four main songs are video songs while the other two are bonus tracks. The videos depict a story regarding realistic relationships in today’s day and date, and would be shot with big names and celebrities. We are hoping to launch the album by this year end or latest by January 2016.

Which has been your most memorable live performance till date?
All of them !

What are your views on the modern music industry?
Classics from Guns & Roses, Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams focus on sound and vocals. At the end of the day, music should soothe, calm and heal you rather than putting you in an aggressive mood.

What’s next?
Our focus right now is entirely on releasing our first album. We are also looking at doing international shows and working on our second album.