A must-visit for those who to love to party!

If you have cocktails on your mind, then this is the place to be!

Located in the heart of BKC, The Good Wife enjoys a heady mix of people all through the day and into the night. Its patronage includes corporate & business thought leaders over lunch, dinner and drinks and revellers over the weekends for cocktails, great music & the perfect brunch & dinner setting. It is a hidden gem for networking among the corporate circles. Good Food, Good Spirits, Good Vibes & lineage of the trademark Tham hospitality make this a favourite among C-suits. The Good Wife is the ideal place to unwind with like-minded thought leaders in the financial capital of India.

Another brainchild of Ryan & Keenan Tham, whose other noteworthy establishments include ‘Henry Thams’, Trilogy Nightclub, & the latest front-runner KOKO – The Good Wife hospitality redefines simplicity and luxury, attention to detail makes it homely and the menu is simple but enriched in flavours. The Good Wife’s cocktails menu is curated by ‘Cocktail King’ Dimi Lezinska, who has also previously curated menus for red carpet events across the globe. The electric energy of the newly formed business district in Bombay comes alive at The Good Wife, as the established or upcoming C-suits transcend their buzz at work into unwinding.

Here are some of their most recommended cocktails –










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