This is why you need an Earth Day box TODAY!

Sustainable fashion is the way to go, and it is a lot more fun than you think.

In honour of Earth Day, we’re delighted to introduce to you the Earth Day box – A super amazing curation of ethically produced products, keeping ecological sustenance in mind.



With the growing popularity of green fashion, it only makes sense to dive into this way of living, because it’s here to stay!

Here’s your chance to make a socially conscious decision by just changing the way you shop. We’ve gathered some extremely exciting everyday products that are absolutely plastic-free, organic, carbon-neutral and environment friendly.



You can make a remarkable difference by merely substituting products you use on a daily basis for these regular sustainably driven ones + THEY LOOK AND FEEL GREAT!

Your #EarthDayBox will contain a pair of flip-flops, a recyclable tote bag, carbon-free lipstick and eye shadow and an organic bar of soap.

Earth Day Box at Rs. 2,999 or customize it to your budget.

Available only for a limited period of time –

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