Nimrat Kaur for Wella Professionals

From her red carpet looks to street style, she’s a trend-setter. StyleCracker catches up with the gorgeous Nimrat Kaur, who is the new brand ambassador for the Elements Range by Wella Professionals.

The luxury of the Amazon in one single product, the Wella Elements range is nature and professional help- all within your reach. Here are a few excerpts from our interview with Nimrat.

StyleCracker: What are the basics of maintaining the quality of one’s hair?

Nimrat Kaur: Keep your hair clean and nourish yourself with a good diet, it will keep your hair and skin lovely!

SC: What does your daily haircare routine look like?

NK: I believe in keeping my hair clean. I wash my hair two to three times a week with the Wella Professionals shampoo and mask. I indulge in a hair spa quite often too.

SC: What’s your most favourite thing about your hair?

NK: I am blessed to have voluminous hair, thanks to my Punjabi roots!

SC: How do you maintain your haircare routine while traveling for movies or other assignments?

NK: I ensure I keep my hair clean. Stay away from using too many products.

SC: Are there any home remedies you swear by?

NK: I apply onion juice and fenugreek seeds on my scalp. As for my skin, I use raw milk sometimes. When I have chapped lips, I use desi ghee.

SC: Tell us a little bit about your association with Wella.

NK: Wella Professionals has been around for a while and I have been using their products for a long time now. It’s a time-tested brand!

SC: How has the Wella Elements range helped in enhancing the quality of your hair?

NK: I cannot stop touching my hair. It feels stronger and shiny and I love the fragrance too!

SC: Any quick tricks you resort to on your bad hair days?

NK: Small clips and pins can help you in tying up your hair and make them look nice even on a bad hair day. I usually opt for a low, center-parted ponytail when I am having a bad hair day.

SC: What’s your diet and workout routine to maintain the quality of your hair?

NK: For my workout, it’s a combination of running, pilates and ashtanga yoga whenever I can. For my diet, I think it’s important to have a well-balanced nourishing diet.


Wella Professionals Elements Shampoo

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.13.02 PM


A sulfate free shampoo that renews the moisture of the hair, preserving and nourishing it from root to tip.

Wella Professionals Elements Conditioner



A lightweight paraben free conditioner that strengthens each hair fiber from within, helping repair and preserve hair’s natural vitality

Wella Professionals Elements Mask



A lightweight, paraben free repairing mask that intensively restores and preserves the natural inner structure and strength of the hair



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