Nisha Sainani Tells Us About Her Celebrity Crush and More…

12 days to go until the pure epicness that will be the 4th SC Borough, and we are talking to the designers who’re just as excited for 15th November to arrive as we are! SC chatted with talented designer Nisha Sainani and she told us about her take on style, the best fashion advice she’s ever received and her current celebrity crush (bring on the giggles!) . We also have for you, SC’s favorites from her latest collection – Runaway With Me!

What is the best advice you ever received in terms style and fashion, and by whom?
Nisha: It’s something Manish Malhotra once said at a workshop while I was studying that stayed with me always – “It’s all about the confidence you wear your outfit with, not the brand you’re wearing.”

How would you define style? If your brand was a person, what would her/his style be like?
Nisha: Style for me is something that’s easy and fun. This definitely translates into my brand which is for a woman who loves exploring, and experimenting while having a strong sense of identity and confidence.

What is the colour palette of the season?
Nisha: Royal and strong colours are in trend this season. Like blues, reds and purple.

This season’s Buy, Store & Throw, according to you.
Nisha: A look to buy this season would be stylish palazzos. Store your summer crop tops and team them up with different silhouettes for the winter. Throw, those pop neons which are definitely out this season which is more about the muted tones.

3 things you are completely obsessed with.
Nisha: Maxi skirts, jackets and the colour blue. I love how versatile these are.

If the world is ending tomorrow, what would you wear to the doomsday party tonight?
Nisha: I love the red carpet gowns by Dior. Given a choice I would wear that to make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

How has the age of e-commerce influenced your work?
Nisha: Online awareness has really helped the fashion industry. While I am constantly receiving lots of love from people on social media, I am looking forward to having my label retailed online in the very near future.

Among the current talent, what labels would we find in your wardrobe?
Nisha: I love my classic sarees from Sabyasachi, and anarkalis from Tarun Tahiliani. Love experimenting with the fun styles by Masaba.

Who’s your current celebrity crush?
Nisha: Fawad Khan

If you could choose 1 Bollywood celebrity and 1 international celebrity to represent your brand… who would they be?
Sonam Kapoor & Blake Lively, always so fashionable yet they never lose their individuality.

Your one guilty pleasure?
Nisha: Bags. Can never get enough.

1 fashion myth that you want to bust?
Nisha: That you need to be thin to look good.

SC picked out a few key pieces from this collection, called “Runaway With Me”, which draws inspiration from Nisha’s travels to Turkey. The prints and contemporary cuts of Nisha’s super chic collection are a must-checkout for the stylish crowd.







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