Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her!

If you’re hoping to stray from the typical flowers, heart-shaped chocolates and perfume for Valentine’s Day this year but don’t know where to start looking, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re getting her a special keepsake or creating unforgettable memories, we’ve rounded up a list of non-cheesy gifts your sweetheart will actually appreciate.

1. Buy her a hamster or a guinea pig (instead of a puppy!) – If your girl is a lover of all things soft, furry and cute, then gifting her a cute little hamster is a nice way of celebrating V-day! Instead of the usual “puppy in a basket”, try giving her a furry love that’s easier to take care of (unless she specifically told you she wants a puppy!).


2. Couple Caricature – Dig up a cute photo of the two of you (be sure to pick one that she adores) and get it turned into a caricature! It’s fresh, funny and sweet. Click HERE for details.


3. Spa Day – Pamper your lady love with a day at the spa, or turn your home into a spa with one of the awesome gift baskets that you can buy her! Click HERE for more info or HERE if your V-day budget is below ₹3,000.


4. Handmade Cookies – Instead of buying her chocolates and cookies, why not bake her some yourself this year? Worried that, they might not taste as divine or look as perfect as store-bought ones, but she’ll appreciate the effort much more! And anyway, it’s the thought that counts really! Click HERE for the easiest recipe for yummy butter cookies.


5. How about a book – If your girl is a voracious reader, she will truly love the gift of a great book. We suggest Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” – a must read for women, it’ll definitely make her laugh for weeks. If she has already read that one, go for intelligent, rib-tickling autobiographies of Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling or Lena Dunham.


6. Indulge her sweet tooth – Country Of Origin’s dessert jars are quite literally happiness bottled. Step up your usual chocolate game a notch and buy her one of the mouth-watering dessert jars that expert bakeries all over the country are offering.


7. Statement jewelry – Instead of the usual sweet but boring present of diamond earrings, give her an enviable gift of statement jewelry. If you’re not sure about her tastes, or your’s, just sign up on and chat with our team of expert stylists. They’ll show you the way to go!

Citrus by Vidhi & Vartika
Citrus by Vidhi & Vartika

Go on guys! try something new and a little non-cheesy, we’re sure she will love it a lot more.