Not-so-mediocre bachelor party destinations

A bachelor party is not just any other celebration with loads of booze and scenes out of “Hangover”; it’s more like that one last night out experience with the lads, as you toast a goodbye to your single self. So if you’re about to get hitched and are looking to go on an unforgettable holiday with your mates, we’ve got you covered. Here are our not-so-generic bachelor party picks for a night full of insanity, or maybe a week before the grand finale.



London has got some of the best pubs and is known for its fantastic party scene. Plus, boys and beer are inseparable making London a great place to visit. Hit up a huge party or enjoy drinks at a local bar with some delicious finger food, the choice is yours.


Rio De Janeiro

Rio is famous for hosting the biggest carnival in the world each year. This five-day carnival is full of beautiful people, amazing food, groovy music and refreshing drinks. The parades are a must see and the perfect place to show off your dance moves.



We don’t even know where to begin. Crazy nights, mouthwatering food, insane pub crawls and the cheapest pints in Europe, Prague is the place to be.


Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires literally defines, “Nights that turned into morning with friends that turned into family”. The capital is the hottest party destination with a great bargain on food and drinks, and a vibrant nightlife. We definitely suggest that you and the boys check out a soccer match, if you have any energy left after the night before that is.



We reckon you look into some fantastic hangover remedies before you touch down in Ibiza. If your crew is looking to party, party and party with some of the best DJ’s this is the ultimate destination for you. Bros and chilled beers by the beach, need we say more?



The world famous baths in Budapest host parties which last till dawn every weekend. Warm, mineral rich waters and cocktails seem like a great way to relax before heading out for a crazy night with the squad.



Australia + Adventure = Epic Bachelors Trip. You can enjoy an amazing surf and bbq by the waves during the day, and a hit up the town to jam to a local band performance at night. There is a ton to do at any given time of the day.







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