On Our Style Radar: Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars has been a source of constant fashion fix for years now, the Liars serving as all time style inspirations. Between the four of them, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily rock a variety of styles, from dressed up to dressed down. And with Season 5 ending with a bang (no spoilers here!), we’ll have to wait a few months before our girls are back.


SC decoded the style quotient of each Liar for your benefit, and our own! So here goes.

Aria Montgomery – Aria is the most experimental of the group. Remember, she had pink hair in Season 1 flashbacks? Her style can be classified as edgy rock chic, with all the studded leather jackets and boots she’s worn throughout five seasons. The girl also knows how to mix prints together for the best effect. We absolutely love how she accessorizes her outfits with the quirkiest of statement pieces. Aria’s style can be a source of fashion inspiration for all petite girls and those with edgy personalities!

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Hanna Marin – Hanna is the one whose sense of style and choice in clothing has evolved the most since Season 1 (when her closet was full of Alison-like super girly dresses and ruffled tops!). Since then, she was rocking “glam-bordering-on-edgy” looks for the longest time, finally making a huge change in Season 5. She now has black highlights in her blonde mane and favours leather jackets and hoodies. Needless to say, we are loving the bad girl vibe Ms. Marin is giving off and can’t wait to see more of her new punk style in Season 6.

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Spencer Hastings – Spencer’s style is what we call “preppy” – always very prim and proper. She’s the scholar of the group and looks the part from head to toe, and we don’t mean in a geeky way. Her style is more classic than seasonal, featuring lots of knee socks and button down shirts. She is our go-to person when we want to “nerd-up” our style. Spencer wears cardigans like nobody’s business and we’re sure her closet must-haves include vintage-style dresses, skinny belts and more cardigans!

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Emily Fields – Em is the sporty one in the group (she’s a swimmer, duh). She favours comfy tank tops, shorts, good old jeans and sneakers (make it a lot easier to run from A!). But that doesn’t mean Emily can’t rock a pair of high heels as well. She manages to look just as stunning in sporty bombers and varsity jackets as she does in glam dresses and stilettos. And since sporty chic is a huge trend this season, we’ll be sure to keep a keen eye on what Ms. Fields wears the next season.

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Drop a comment below and tell us which Liar’s style you identify most with!