One-on-One with Abha Bakaya

From a gap year in the UK to a brief career in modeling and freelance writing, Abha Bakaya’s journey to being India’s leading broadcast journalist has definitely been an interesting one. In a one-on-one with this Bloomberg news anchor, StyleCracker gets her take on her career and corporate fashion.

Which is the most exciting interview you’ve taken?

The best thing about my job is that I meet so many different kinds of people. For example: Naveen Jindal and Adar Poonawala.  When I went to interview Adar at his Pune farm, there was a Jaguar that picked me up and a chopper that took me to the farm!

But I’ve also interviewed people like Narayana Murthy. We used to do this show called ‘Back to School’ on Bloomberg, where we visited these leaders’ schools. When we went with Mr. Murthy to his school which is in a village in Mysore, he told us he went to class barefoot, sat under a tree and read.

Which modern journalist do you admire and why?

Richard Quest. I think he makes business fun. And that’s the way it should be!

Which media figure has had the most influence on you?

Dr. Prannoy Roy (Co-Founder of NDTV)

What are the three qualities needed to be a successful news anchor?

A good sense of presentation, the ability to adapt to different situations and act fast.

What should one be prepared for if one wants to work in broadcast media?

Be prepared for a lot of integration with the digital space. The more knowledge you have, the better you can present and the more credibility you have.

What pieces define ‘power dressing’ for you?

Heels and a statement watch or bag.

How does one make their first impression in the professional world?

Be approachable. Be easy to converse with and remember people’s names.

As a beginner, what are some of the wardrobe investments one should make?

A well-tailored jacket in a neutral shade and a comfortable pair of shoes.

How does one dress for a corporate party?

Be cautious because you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. Go for a monotone well-cut dress that you can add a bling-y accessory to, a bright lipstick and a pair of on-trend heels.

What essentials do you pack when travelling for work?

A basic make-up kit, hand sanitizer, wipes to remove make-up, snacks just for emergencies, night cream, miniature perfumes, sun protection and hair accessories.