Your One-Stop Guide To Prepping For Holi This Year

Holi as a festival is great and all until you’re left scrubbing a deep shade of purple off your eyebrows. While we all love splashing everyone with a mix of colours and water, the after-effects can be a bit brutal, unless you’ve prepped for it. Of course you can avoid spending 3450274 hours (I exaggerate, you know this by now) in the shower practically scrubbing the skin off your body if you just follow a few tips.

So if you’ve been avoiding the festival because you just refuse to deal with the post clean-up, these tips will make everything easy-peasy.

Start With A Moisturiser

Before you go play, make sure you moisturise your body. Go heavy on the exposed areas so this way, the colour doesn’t stick to you. I would advise you to top it off with some SPF because sun exposure is never good, holi or not.

Move On To Hair Oil

I know stepping out with oiled hair isn’t ideal but make an exception if you want to play holi this year. There’s nothing worse than washing and re-washing your locks trying to get everything off, only to leave the shower with random bits of blue and pink leftover.

Don’t Forget Your Nails

Your nails aren’t immune to holi. Most of you might not need this little piece of advice, but make sure you paint your nails, even with just a bit of top coat will do the trick.

Here’s What You Can Wear

Bollywood will tell you to wear a crisp white salwar-kurta but there are a million reasons why you absolutely shouldn’t! If you do want to take that ‘white’ route, wear a tank top, shirt or even a short kurti (if you’re really that Bollywood) in a slightly thicker fabric so it doesn’t get too transparent through the day. I’d suggest a padded sports bra underneath and a pair of denim shorts under – because denim can always be revived. You can always go with leggings, sweatpants and even full-fledged jeans. Just make sure you’re comfortable and not too see-through.

Things You Should Carry

Sunglasses are great to prevent colour from getting in your eyes. I’d actually wear a bandana to prevent my hair getting directly attacked. Carry a little plastic baggie to put your phone (or leave it at home entirely). And lastly, if you’re far from home, carry a towel to put on your car/taxi/uber seats for when you head back.

Post Care

Once you’ve showered (don’t leave out that deep-conditioning for your hair) and taken all the chemicals off, don’t forget to moisturise once again – those colours can have a super drying effect on your body. A moisturising face mask would do wonders!

Cover Image: Pinterest