OOTD Moments that are typically Delhi

In addition to successful actors and cricketers, the capital city has brought us a fashion phenomenon like no other. From high fashion winter wear to vibrant street fashion; Delhi’s fashion trends have reached heights only Delhiites can. And just like Delhiites themselves, they’re fearless. So we’ve found some cool OOTD moments that are typically Delhi in every way. If you thought your fashion sense was out-there, you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

She’s got the look


Delhiites love to take it up a notch when it comes to their fashion. Classy, stylish and trendy;they never compromise on looking good.


Twist it up Desi style


Not afraid to take risks, they add a Desi twist to almost everything. And they do it with flair!


Winter in Delhi


Come rain or shine; they’ll never compromise on showing off their exuberant personality, that’s for sure.


Glitter me over


A little bling could do you good. So why not spice up your outfit with a shimmer jacket?

Layer up with flair


Layer or no layer, your outfit  could always use a touch of pizazz. And Delhiites are all about that extra oomph!

Live life vibrantly


Live life to the fulliest! Why be dull when you can celebrate the vibrancy of life?


Wacky as ever!


When it comes to fashion, there’s no stopping them. From beards to outfits to hairstyles; for Delhiites, it’s all about being experimental.


Ramp Ready Always


Full on confidence, they’re ever ready to take the spotlight in their oh-so-stylish outfits. And who are we to stop them?


Image courtesy: Indiatoday, wearabout, tallneck

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