Organic Beauty Products Your Skin Will Love

You don’t need an expert to tell you that organic products are always better than artificial ones. The theory applies to everything from food and clothes to your hair and skin products. Being conscious about what you put on your body is the need of the hour and to start with, we found a skincare brand that does just that.

Say hello to Paul Penders. Their products are vegan, natural and as organic as it gets. A common myth is that organic skincare products don’t do the job as well as the others. I tried their cleansing milk, toner, mist and a few other products that not only took off my makeup well, they left it feeling soft, hydrated and smooth as ever.

Take a look:

Here are 5 products from the brand you should definitely try:

You can see more from their collection here and find Paul Penders at the StyleCracker Night Market on the 19th and 20th of May, 4pm to midnight at Khar Gymkhana!