Stylist Tips On Picking Out Jewellery For The Office

I know I know, it’s always been, the bigger the better. A statement pair of earrings might suit your slinky cocktail dress at the club but at the office, the only word for it is ‘distracting’. Minimal jewellery however can be picked out to flatter a range of outfits. Yes they’re the only way to go at the office, but when worn correctly, they can perk up even your glam, evening dress.

Our stylists often add the correct mix of minimal accessories to your StyleCracker Box and here are a few tips on picking them out specifically for the office. Your formal shirts and pencil skirts are going to love these.

For your ears

Hoops might be the in thing right now, but don’t go taking the large hoop route for the office. Yes you can wear a pair of hoops, but make sure they’re smaller and easy on the eyes. Studs come in various shapes and sizes (yes, a bigger stud is fine because it doesn’t dangle and distract) and are the perfect fix for the office.

For your neck

Here’s where you can go a bit crazy. No, don’t go picking out your chunkiest choker yet. Layering delicate necklaces is a great option. Pick one pendant that can be the star of your stack and add up to two more. A delicate choker is acceptable and maybe add a longer piece to create some balance.

For your wrist

To keep it simple, get yourself a watch. They’re the most-appreciated wrist accessory for the office and they can always be amped up. A charm bracelet or anything delicate added to your watch wrist is a great idea for the office. Build up the stack when you’re heading out at night. Your fitness tracker could be a cool replacement for the watch too.

For your fingers

Phoebe Buffay had a ring for every finger but that might be a bit much for the office. Pick three rings and add them to any hand. Going beyond that might be overkill.

And lastly, it’s never ok to wear all these together. Pick a mix of any three: earrings, bracelet and rings or necklace, rings and bracelet – any combination works as long as it’s not all.

Struggling to keep up with these tips? There’s an easier way out! Get yourself a StyleCracker Box and let our stylists worry about the perfect mix of accessories for your office #ootd.