Overcome impulsive shopping now!

If shopaholics anonymous existed in our city, you’d be sure to find some of us SC girls at the meetings. Even though our stylists recommend shopping from time to time, we would never stand by an unnecessary impulse buy. Here are some tips to help you kick the habit.

Your cart is empty – and so it shall be


Get rid of those online shopping bookmarks from your web browser right away. Yes, we said it!

It’s easier to just hit that bookmark while you’re busy procrastinating at work and aimlessly add items to your shopping cart.


A solution? Subscribe to the newsletters of your favourite shopping sites and only then open the ones that are worth your time. Alternatively, you could simply add the items you’d otherwise impulsively covet to your Wishlist and let them linger there until there’s a discount or sale on it.



Ask yourself, will you really wear it? Is it worth the hefty price tag? Will you find a dupe for it when you head street-shopping?

Woman trying on shoes in shoe shop

We are aware of these honest questions but don’t remember them when we see that shiny covetable item. While you try it on in the changing room or even think of pressing the ‘Add to cart’ button, remember to think through it.


Also, don’t buy something just because there’s a great deal on it.

Leave those plastics behind


When heading for a shopping spree, only carry a realistically limited amount of cash. SC’s Senior stylist Kavisa thinks this is a sure shot way to shop in a calculative manner and avoid impulse buys.

Tag someone along

Senior stylist Prachiti always takes her partner along when she goes shopping, “He’s really honest when something doesn’t look that great and stops me whenever I’m about to purchase something really expensive.”


We think this is a really smart idea as men make for perfect shopping partners when you’re resisting the urge to over-spend. You are likely to impulse buy when you’re out shopping alone. Take your brutally honest best-friend or partner along with you and you’re sure to have someone keep you in check.

Impulsiveness only suits your personality from time to time, not your pocket! Feel free to show our stylist an item you’re aching to buy, before you buy it and let our experts at StyleCracker.com help you be a better shopper.