Pick of the Day: Beach Bag Essentials

Beach Bag Essentials Inner cover


We’re all set to make the most of the summer heat to hit the beach and soak in some sun.  But there are some things we just won’t leave home without. Here is our guide to packing the perfect beach bag.  See you at the cabana!

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1 Sunglasses- Rayban, Rs. 8,000.

2 Swimsuit-  Bali street market, Rs. 1,500.

3 Perfume- DKNY, 2,500.

4 Morrocon Oil- Rs. 2,700.

5 Flip Flops- Jakarta street market, Rs. 400.

6 Sunscreen- Block up, Rs. 350.

7 Bangles- Hill Road street stall, Rs. 150.

8 Lip Balm- BodyShop, Rs. 205.

9 Blue Nail Paint- Miss Chase, Rs. 200.

10 Nude nail paint- Pure Ice, Rs. 50.

11 Body Lotion- Victoria’s Secret, Rs. 1,200.

13 Hat- London flea market, Rs. 1,000.

14. Straw beach bag  Super Dry Rs. 2495