The Swimsuit Guide

Wave good bye to your summer blues with a dip in the sea. Flaunt your assets in the perfect swimwear. StyleCracker shows you what works best for your body shape!

1. Pear :

If your hip measurement is more than the bust measurement. This body type has a tendency to store fat in the lower body.


Blue Swimsuit, The Beach Company, Rs. 6,545, Orange Tankini, Victoria’s Secret, Rs. 3,650


a. Opt for swimsuits with horizontal stripes across the bust. These stripes make your chest look fuller and balance out your hips and legs.

b. Lengthen your torso with a tankini. The extra fabric gives the upper portion of your body a longer, stronger appearance. This extra length makes your bottom half less noticeable.


a. Avoid boy shorts since they bring attention to the thighs.

b. Don’t wear a skirted bottom. Opt for a higher cut instead.


2. Apple:

If you have broad shoulders as compared to your hips. This body type tends to have slim legs that make the stomach and chest look larger in comparison.


Polka Dot High Rise Bikini,, Rs. 1,499, Black Swimsuit, Speedo, Rs. 3,000


a. Slim down your front by looking for side detailing. Stripes or patterns placed along your side draw the eye to the side instead of your stomach. As a result, any extra weight you may carry in your mid-section stands out less.

b. A high waisted briefs. These cut at the narrowest point of your waist. These bottoms are packed with slimming power.


a. Avoid string bikini bottoms. They’re a complete no no.

b. Do not wear any swimsuit with a belted waist, they draw attention to your waist.


3. Column:

If your hip and bust measurements are similar creating a ruler body shape.


Floral Belted Swimsuit, ASOS, Rs. 3,500 approx., Yellow Cutout Swimsuit, Mezzaluna, Rs. 3,850


a. Wear a swimsuit with ruffles or fringe. Ruffles create the illusion of volume, which makes you seem curvier. Ruffled trim works especially well if you have an athletic rectangle shape.

b. Try a side cut out swimsuit to create illusion of visual curves.


a. Stay away from vertical stripes. Avoid anything that reinforces straight lines.

b. Don’t wear anything completely solid and free of accents or textures.