Prep Your Feet For Summer

It’s getting hotter and you want to ditch your shoes for those pretty strap-py sandals, but what would you do with those tanned feet? Patchy complexion and rough heels would take away all the attention from those gorgeous pair of sandals.


First of all, do not forget your SPF. Sunblock would help your feet from getting tanned in the first place and would also keep the heels of the feet hydrated, so they do not crack. Even with your sandals, avoid the ones which would cause tan lines; especially kohlapuri’s, though we love how ethnic and contemporary they look at the same time, they can cause rough heels and tan lines on the feet.


We have some home remedies for you to try with certain products that you can exhaust right out of your kitchen to get rid of rough-patchy feet.Go ahead and take some lime juice and honey – lemon has natural bleaching agents and honey has antioxidants – mix these two to form a paste and rub it on your feet and then leave it for fifteen minutes to show effect. Lemon would reduce the pigmentation and cut on the dead skin, whereas honey would hydrate the skin. Use it once a week to achieve best results.


White Vinegar has other uses apart from preparing amazing salads. Do a pedicure at home, if you do not have time to go to a parlour. Mix four drops of white vinegar and three drops of glycerin in a tub full of lukewarm water. Dip your feet in it for twenty minutes. White vinegar would act as an exfoliant and glycerin would moisturize the skin, making it look supple.


Of course, we can’t forget a spice that is used in – practically – everything, turmeric. Mix turmeric with curd and gram flour to form a gooey paste. Go ahead and rub the paste in circular motion on the feet. This scrub would help remove the dead skin from the feet leaving them soft. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and has anti-oxidants which would help restore the glow to the feet and gram flour acts as an exfoliant.

Regular use of these home-remedies would take you through the sandal-season without being worried about patchy and rough feet.