Pretty Pastels DIY


DIY for Pretty Pastels:

Tired of having the same plain polish on your nails? Don’t have the money to spend on an expensive manicure? Worry not, StyleCracker team has just the D.I.Y for you this week. Follow these two-simple-steps and get pastel perfect nails in minutes!

SC Tips & DIY

Step 1:

Products used

1.VOV’s Mint Green Nail Polish – Rs. 150

2.KONAD Pastel Pink Nail Polish – Rs. 399


SC Tips & DIY

Step 2:

Apply the mint green nail polish on your nails as a base coat and allow it to dry completely.

SC Tips & DIY

Step 3:

Once the base coat has fully dried off, proceed to the next step which includes using a regular toothpick dipped in pastel pink nail polish, create small dots with the tip of the toothpick to get perfect spots in pastel pink . Make sure these dots are not too big  and let them dry off completely.

SC Tips & DIY

SC Tip:

To make your base coat dry off faster, you can use a hair dryer or stick your hands in front of an air conditioner!

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