Prime Minister Narendra Modi: A Day in Style

Tweeting, posing for selfies, 3-D appearances – there are multiple reasons why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is light years ahead of his contemporaries. But politics aside, we are totally giving his style quotient a thumbs-up. Here’s why our PM is one of the best-dressed men. Ever. 
KHADI FAN: The PM’s preferred fabric is also one of the most avant-garde globally. From colours like saffron to lime, canary and blue, Modi is often seen in trendy yet casual linen/ khadi ensembles. Talk about ‘Made in India’ !
Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.40.36 pm
THE MODI KURTA: Believe it or not, the typical half-sleeve kurta that the PM is often spotted in, are actually custom-designed by him as not only are they cooler, easier to pack but also occupy less space in his wardrobe and travel bag. He also owns a range of scarves and stoles which he pairs with them. PS: Did you know that his style is inspired by late Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna?

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JACKETS: The PM has a penchant for jackets and owns a variety of button-up ones as well as open jackets. But don’t be mistaken – The Modi Jacket, is not the same as the Nehru jacket – the Modi jacket, comes in unconventional colours like salmon pink, blue and yellow, is said to have darts for a slimming effect and is two inches longer than the Nehru jacket.

BESPOKE: He trusts no one but the Ahmedabad-based Chauhan brothers Bipin and Jitendra to tailor his outfits. They have also tailored THAT controversial deep blue bandhgala suit. “It’s a very fine jacquard technique of weaving. It’s not embroidery, and the cost depends on the fibre and technique,” says designer Samant Chauhan to IANS, indicating that developing such a fabric could cost anything between Rs 80,000 to Rs 5,00,000. (Just FYI: This famous pinstripe suit was auctioned for more than Rs 4.31 crores).
BRAND APPEAL: Modi’s sartorial choices include Bvlagri for spectacle frames, Movado watches and Mont Blanc fountain pens.