Protect Your Body Art

At some given point in our lives some of us take the decision to get embed our skin with some ink, and for that we choose to go through some excruciating amount of pain. For some, it has been a decision made in the spur of the moment and for some it has been a way to mark a milestone in the growth of their emotional being. Whatever, the cause maybe, the art engraved in our bodies has come to define our existence.

A frequent question asked to every tattoo lover, “What would you do with those tattoos when you grow old?” We all know that this question springs up from the concern that tattoos age as our bodies do and can tend to be not as attractive as they are – now.

Al form Als’ Studio gives us tips on how to keep our tattoos looking young and also the ideal spots to get inked, for that the art ages gracefully. “The one thing you have to hide your tattoos from, is the sun. It is the biggest enemy.” Warns Al. We all know that the too much sun causes rapid aging, and as our skin loses its elasticity, the art on our body tends to lose its charm as well. “The tattoos are basically engraved in your skin and be careful not to go in saltwater and not to go uncovered under the sun – till the area is completely healed. For the first fifteen days the skin would peel off and scabs would be formed and how you take care of your tattoo during the process of healing determines the look of your tattoo.”


What we need to understand is that the skin would sag and due to the years that have been added on the skin, your body art will be effected too. The colours would fade away, lines would be forms and the art would also get distorted. “To delay the process of aging, keep your body fit. Exercise, the tightened muscles would results in a vibrant looking body art.” Suggests Al. Also, while under the sun, “keep the tattoos covered and apply a decent amount of sunscreen. Apply lotions with aloe vera extract – or apply aloe vera directly – this, too helps the tattoo to stay strong.”


He also recommends to get tattoos in places that would sag less, “never get tattoos on your inner biceps – they tend to sag the most. Also, avoid your waist, you get the maximum stretch marks over there. Avoid your chest area as well as your breasts would sag later on, causing the art to look unattractive.”

Body art looks enticing and adds to the personality of the being but taking care of the art and keeping it fresh and strong takes the story to a totally different level.