Hey! I’d love the try the ear cuff look. But they all look so intimidating! Would love your help on how to test the trend. Thanks

-Supriya Nair, 28, Bangalore


Hi Supriya,

There is nothing to fear when it comes to ear cuffs!  A revival trend from the ‘90s, ear cuffs have shifted the focus back to lobes. So tuck your hair behind your ears and listen up.  The important thing to remember is to treat it like any other costume jewellery—skip the chunky necklace! And they are not earrings, so you don’t need two ear cuffs. One is more effective.

Pick a cuff with a line chain and a simple design. Team it with your favourite classic tee and jeans or even a dress, but skip heavy makeup. Dainty cuffs work for the day or even a stacked look. Experiment till you find one that suits your style.

Hope you enjoy wearing them!

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