Hi SC Team! I love the new pastel trend you guys showcased last week. I really want to try it out but I’m bottom heavy and feel that pastels will only make me look bigger. Any style tips?

-Ankita Bhansali, 21, Delhi


Hi Ankita, We’re glad you liked our post! Pastels are one of the easiest spring trends to try and adapt well to every body shape. Monochrome pastels may require a lot of layers but the final look is ramp worthy. Test the waters with baby blue or pink, head to toe in easy silhouettes and when you’ve gathered the courage, off white won’t be too far away. Another trick is to pair pastels with a pop colour, so off white can be offset with bright purple or you can even play with same hue like baby blue and cobalt. The pop tone on the bottom will instantly slim you down. Of course there is everyone’s favourite go-with-everything-black! Slimming and chic this is one fail-safe option.  Let us know how it worked out!

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