Rashi Chowdhary for ‘The Protein Bake Shop, Mumbai’

Looking at revving up your boring snack time? Healthy and delicious with wallops of protein, we’re all for the future of clean eating. Rashi Chowdhary, Owner, The Protein Bake Shop, Mumbai shows us how!

Rashi , Contributor portrait for Shape Magazine, studio, DMC , Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 9, 2013 (Photo by Jovana Obradovic/ITP Images)

STYLECRACKER: The Protein Bake Shop is an incredible concept. 

Rashi Chowdhary: “I couldn’t find a single healthy dessert on the shelves worth eating and without elevating your body sugar levels. We decided on making nutritionally-balanced food that loves you back!”

SC: Tell us about the range. 

RC: “Low-carb cookies, high-protein brownies, truffles, grain-free biscottis, cereals and paleo crackers – all our products are well-balanced and perfect for everyone.”

SC: Any recent additions to the range?

RC: “Raw coconut protein bars and high-protein truffles. They’re an excellent pre and post workout meal and the truffles work great as quick fat-burning snacks.”

SC: How can we order stuff?

RC: “Place your order online or give us a call, we’d bake a fresh order just for you and deliver it to your doorstep.”

SC: What are your personal favorites?

RC: “My fitness goals change with time and I’m currently working towards getting more lean. My current indulgence is peanut butter truffles right now – they taste like heaven and contain macro nutrients.”

SC: What are some regular kitchen ingredients one can include from one’s diet on an everyday basis?

RC: “It varies according to lifestyles. The trick is avoiding processed food, junk, refined sugar and inflammatory foods.”

SC: What can we expect from The Protein Bake Shop in the near future?

RC: “I aim at making ‘The Protein Bake Shop’ the go-to food, fitness and health brand- your one-stop solution for healthy, guilt-free snacking!”

RASHI CHOWDHARY– Nutrition and Inch Loss Expert, Diabetic Educator, Owner, The Protein Bake Shop, Mumbai


Instagram: @proteinbakeshop, Personal Handle: @rashichowdhary