5 Restaurants Your Fitness Trainer Will Approve Of

Getting fit these days has become something of a trend. Everywhere you look, people are wearing sports clothes, eating healthy and just generally trying to stay fit. The one important thing you need to know about a workout is that once you’re done, you need to eat right. Proteins, yes, but basically a wholesome meal.

Of course you could make yourself an egg salad at home, but if you’re looking to step out for a healthy meal or two, we found a bunch of restaurants in Mumbai your trainer will fully approve of.

I Think Fitness Café

As the name suggest, you’re going to get every kind of food you need post a workout here. Things like avocado eggs Benedict, millet steak salad, sweet chilli rice paper wraps (for when you don’t want bread) and for dessert, a yummy blueberry chia seed pudding features on the menu. And the best part, it’s owned by the founder of the gym, I Think Fitness, so you know you’re eating right.

Located at Pali Hill, Bandra

TAG – The GourmArt Kitchen

One of our favourites, this isn’t necessarily a “fitness forward” restaurant. Sure you’ll find fried things on the menu, but most of the food comes high on protein and features a lot of raagi, kale and quinoa infused plates. Oh, and did we mention it’s 100% vegetarian?

Located at Kamla Mills, Lower Parel

Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar

Their entire menu is gluten and refined sugar free, which ticks a big box on your trainer’s checklist. All their food comes with brown rice, organic buckwheat and super seeds making it a health nut’s dream. Their cold press juices and smoothies are Bollywood celebrity favourites and their desserts are sinful, minus the guilt of course!

Located at Pali Hill, Bandra

La Folie Lab

Now don’t get too excited when you step in here and see all those yummy desserts on display. Like TAG, this isn’t necessarily a ‘healthy café’. They have all the indulgent desserts you could imagine but they also have a wholesome smoothie bowl, an avocado bowl that you’ll love and of course some delish quinoa falafel.

Located at Kamla Mills, Lower Parel & Hill Road, Bandra

Kitchen Garden By Suzette

This one is located bang opposite Gold’s Gym in Bandra, so the only people you’ll see inside are those visiting post their workouts. The place is known to let you customise your own salads and they even have some options to pick from if you can’t make up your mind. Their breakfast includes buckwheat pancakes and sourdough bread and baked eggs – which if you ask me, it’s what I’d eat all day, every day.

Located at Pali Hill, Bandra