The Return Of The Strapless

Strap or strapless, that’s the question! In the fight of necklines, these two remain the most prominent warriors. Step aside prom and weddings, we’re here to help you look stunning in a strapless outfit for your daily adventures!


A simple strapless top is ideal if you’re a beginner. Pair it up with favourite jeans, knockout heels and you’re good to go! If you’re feeling particularly motivated, you can also opt for a strapless peplum top for that extra kick.


And if that doesn’t fulfill your strapless fantasy, opt for an unconventional strapless top or pair a beautiful lace one with a pencil skirt.


If by now, you’re an avid wearer of the strapless silhouette, a strapless dress is just the thing for you. Not entirely different from any other “strap” dress, this provides ample room for experimentation. The absence of a strap aspect allows you to introduce statement neck pieces. Also, the strapless silhouette compliments all dress lengths – be it a maxi or a sun dress.


Also, strapless jumpsuits can also be your go to option! With a variety in terms of lengths and styles, strapless jumpsuits are the definition of chic. Add on a beautiful necklace, a pair of stilettoes and a sling bag to compliment your look. These power suits can be your outfit for a lunch date with the girls or even for an office meeting.


Remember layering is your new friend on the block. Throw on a jacket or a kimono. Chambray shirts and blazers also work wonders with strapless pieces.

A loved trend, the strapless silhouette has been around since the time of Chanel and Dior and still, in the 21st Century, we reckon that it’s here to stay! So grab your strapless piece today for some effortless style and incredible fashion.