Rev up your style with scarves

Don’t be so quick to cringe at the thought of wearing a scarf around your neck this season – while the temperature may have reached an official summer status, the warm-weather version of scarves are airy, super-light, and can be worn a multitude of ways. Watch ahead as we explore the versatility of the great scarf!

Wrap it


Scarves come handy when a tank top is too little or when a jacket is too much and simply ideal for when you wish to cover up in a chicer way on your commute. Opt for a silk or chiffon version and choose from a slew of printed variations that will add a touch of pop to any plain outfit.


A little knot against your bare neck is best way to look Parisian chic!
A little knot against your bare neck is best way to look Parisian chic!


Wrap the scarf around your neck and knot the very ends at the front. Take the knot and loop it around your neck, creating the infinity circle scarf shape. Feel free to play around with how the loops fall and make it look undone.

We simply adore this way of sporting a scarf.
Bored? Simply cinch it over your maxi dress for a carefree boho vibe.

Watch the tutorial below to explore more ways to style your scarf:

Heads up!


Wearing a turban might sound intimidating, but in truth, it’s one of the best ways to disguise a bad hair day. Wrap a silk scarf around your head and boom, instant dose of glamour!


You can also wrap a silk scarf around your head, keeping the ends concealed in the back. Whether you’re hitting the snooze button or trying to turn your outfit into a statement, a turban is all you need.


Wrap it around your head and cross over each end. Then, cross each piece over again to form the twist. Secure the ends tightly under your hair.

Watch the video below and style it around your mane in ten different ways:

Play with it


Swap your regular leather belt for a chic printed scarf as a colourful alternative!



How do you carry it around? Instead of placing the scarf inside your bag, simply tie it over your treasured tote and add a little splash of colour to it.


For more tips and tricks on how to use your scarves to its chic potential – log on to and ask your style experts!