Rock ‘n’ Roll DIY

Team StyleCracker is back with a quick and easy DIY! This week we show you how to rock your belt with metal and studs.

You need:

1. Strong hold glue (available at various arts and crafts stores

2. A plain belt of your choice

3. Gold studs (available at arts and crafts stores)


Step 1:


Roll out the belt and place it flat on a table.


Step 2:


Apply the strong hold glue in medium sized dots at equal intervals. Place a single metallic stud on each, gently holding it down for a few seconds.


Step 3:


Wait! Your patience will be rewarded when the glue dries. Viola! A studded belt that is unique and all yours!

SC Tip:

A thin studded belt always looks great with denims but experiment teaming it with dresses and skirts too.

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