Rock Your Overalls

The beauty about fashion is its tendency to make comebacks every now and then – with each kick off being different from the last. We’ve seen animal prints, oversized clothes and the likes come and go like the winds. With the weather torn between summer and monsoon, we need something to keep up with these changes. So, we go back to one of our childhood favorites – overalls.

We all have from pictures from our adolescent days dressed in our favorite denim overalls. But honestly, we cannot let go of these adorable pieces, even as adulthood hovers over us. So, we show you how you can incorporate your so-loved overalls to step up your fashion playdown.


Stick to the basics with denim and stripes for some effortlessly style. Don’t forget those sneakers for that edgy quotient.


If you’re feeling confident after your summer workout, crop tops are a match made in heaven for your denim dungarees. Show off those curves in a variety of colors and patterns – denim is everyone’s friend!


And if you’re exceptionally driven, pick up that leather dungaree. As edgy as it is chic, this is the Madonna of overalls. Bring out that inner rebel by going black from head-to-toe. Strike up the heat with red lips and you’re good to go!


Pinafores are your sidekicks if you think pants are overrated. This crossover between a playsuit, overalls and a swingy skirt can be your go to option this season. Get on your school girl charm as you pair these denim devils with cute tops and shoes.


Nothing – and we mean nothing – can stop your pinafore game. Choose from a variety of textures, prints and patterns if you’re the adventurous kind or go stick with the basics. No matter what, pinafores are the symbol of some killer fashion.


Choose from an array of colours and pair them up with simple t-shirts or patterns. Don’t forget to add some delightful accessories to bring out the true potential of your pinafores. If in doubt, you always have us.

As brands and fashion enthusiasts explore the untouched world of adult overalls, we add another new trend to our wardrobes. So, take the plunge and bring back some childhood memories. Rock the overalls with your take and keep it stylish.