Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones aren’t allowed on flights anymore..

In-flight entertainment, but sans the mobile phone.

Brought into running by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) only recently, your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone today can’t pass the passenger test. Following incidents of the Samsung smartphone going ablaze, including aboard a Singapore-Chennai IndiGo flight, this was only a wise decision and one that came as a shocker to the technology giant.

But what’s wrong with it?


With affirmation from Samsung, the series of Samsung mobile phones have a major battery problem. In fact, following which, its sales have already been suspended worldwide! Samsung quotes, “We are aware of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) notice. Consumer safety and peace of mind are our top priority. Galaxy Note 7 sales have not started in India, and we have delayed sales to alleviate any safety concerns. We plan to expedite new shipments of Galaxy Note 7 soon to reduce any inconvenience for our customers.”

But worry not.

Obviously you can carry them aboard! You simply can’t turn them on/charge them mid-flight or stow them in your check-in baggage during the entire duration of your flight-catching ordeal.

So if you’re an owner of one, what do you do?


First and foremost, you most likely don’t even own one. Samsung never shipped the phone to India and even postponed its release before you could even pre-book/book a unit. However, if you’re one of the unfortunates who bought them off the grey market- head to a nearby Samsung store and have a quick chat, some conciliation will definitely do you and the company good.

Worry not folks, brands always have you covered.


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