SC Inside Out | 5 Different Ways to Style A Denim Skirt

Last week I stumbled upon a denim skirt that I had kept away in my wear-again-someday closet and it actually made me happy to rediscover it! I had completely forgotten about its existence and it actually gave me the same feeling that shopping for a new item usually does. Recycling our own wardrobe is the new retail therapy at the moment and conscious buying is the need of the hour. This got me thinking, could I possibly wear this one skirt all week and style it differently each day? The answer is – absolutely!

Please note, usually, I am a minimalist at heart, however, I thought it might be interesting to see how versatile this one piece of apparel could be. So, here they are, 5 looks I cannot wait to try out!

Look 1 | Monday


Hero Piece: Denim Skirt

Wear it with: An Oversized White Shirt

Style Tip: Tuck it in or knot it up, either way, it’s the perfect way to start the week!

Shop Now: Zara

Look 2 | Tuesday


Hero Piece: Denim Skirt

Wear it with: A sports bra and an oversized muscle OR box tee

Style Tip: Swap the skirt with your workout leggings and take the look from day-to-evening jog

Shop Now: Pause

Look 3 | Wednesday


Hero Piece: Denim Skirt

Wear it with: A kimono

P.S. Usually by Wednesday I need a little mid-week style upper! This is the perfect look to add that extra motivation to your day.

Shop Now: Bhaane

Look 4 | Thursday


Hero Piece: Denim Skirt

Wear it with: A soft mal kurta belted at the waist

Style Tip: Even if you are stuck at home, throw on some jewellery to up the look (and your mood), even if it’s just for a little while.

Shop Now: Nicobar

Look 5 | Friday


Hero Piece: Denim Skirt

Wear it with: A girly off-shoulder top

Perfect For: Date night! Even if you are doing a virtual session on Zoom, dress up for your date.

Shop Now: StyleCracker

Here’s hoping we can actually wear these looks outside the confines of our homes, super soon! However, until then, do not forget to ditch the PJs once in a while and dress up for yourself, if nothing else.

P.S. I have versions of all these pieces in my wardrobe, in case you need to fill in the blanks, shop them from the brands suggested above!

Written by Tia Shah