SC Inside Out | 6 Podcasts To Keep You Sane At Home

Music used to be my escape; eventually however, I could predict the next song on the radio and my morning moods weren’t consistent enough for my Spotify’s Discover Weekly, podcasts became an almost natural replacement.
Much like how podcasts turned my 45-minute drives to work from a dreary hell to an intellectual haven, they have saved me from my mind’s uncontrolled thoughts during lockdown’s quiet. I wake up to the New York Times’ Daily or Indian Express’s 3 Things, listen to Hardcore History before bed, and run to Poppy Harlow’s Boss Files.
Really though, my favorite and most highly recommended podcasts are a little more eclectic. Whenever I want to learn something new, I turn on Knowledge Project. If I’m facing bodily insecurities (because honestly, who is really working out during lockdown?) or struggling with partner intimacy, Let’s Get Intimate has become an easy go-to. But when I want something closer to home, Agla Station is the perfect lockdown getaway. If neither suit my mood, I nerd out to the latest tech news on Pivot or allow my mind to ponder some of life’s deepest questions while listening to Philosophize This! And if the real world feels overwhelming, I lose myself to the land of fantasy while tuning into Myths and Legends.
So, if you’re a little bit of a dork like me, here are some more details about the podcasts that will keep you sane during quarantine:

The Knowledge Project

What I love most about Knowledge Project is that they live and breathe their podcast’s philosophy – Shane Parish and his team are truly dedicated to helping individuals master the best of what other people have already figured out. Their topics range from figuring out the meaning of happiness, developing the characteristics to be an effective leader, and investing in yourself and others, and so much more. The conversations are timeless and unquestionably meaningful. Well worth a listen!

Agla Station

Agla Station Adulthood is taking an extended stop at Lockdown junction. Hosts Ayushi and Rytasha churn out weekly episodes not only because they are committed to their listeners but, to help themselves stay sane. So far, they’ve put out 6 episodes and the topics covered have been Covid19 related slumps, Creating in Covid, going a bit Loco in Lockdown and then the slightly serious ones such as Slow Down You Crazy Child (which deals with the Slow Movement and how it relates to 2020) and Oh So Lonely (which talks about ‘baby adult’ loneliness and its normalcy). The lockdown has made both of them pause, take a step back and really evaluate the way they’ve been navigating adulthood so far – so listen in and find solace in the fact that even if you don’t think you’re getting this right, in all probability neither are they.

Let’s Get Intimate

Irrespective of your literacy level, social class, or economic background, every version of India struggles to effectively teach partner intimacy and bodily love. Let’s Get Intimate discusses the questions we all have but are too afraid or embarrassed to ask. What’s incredible is the subconscious psychology that exists behind every small action. If you and your partner aren’t connecting or you wish you understood your body better, I promise this podcast will not disappoint.


Are you a tech geek? Do you love startup philosophies? Have spent hours understanding how investors invest? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, look no further than Pivot. Kara Swisher is Silicon Valley’s most renowned and vivacious tech journalist. She is teamed up with Scott Galloway, a thoughtful NYU Stern professor, serial startup founder, and contrarian thinker. Their combination makes for lively debate, stimulates startup ideas, and creates a basic understanding of how investors think.

Myths and Legends

Sometimes our dreams are better than reality, and that’s probably true for a lot of us during quarantine. Myths and Legends will help you dream an elaborate dream of all your favourite childhood legends, like why Humpty Dumpty was being chased by the guards or how Puss in the Boots helped his friend go from rags to riches. It’s fun to relax to something so familiar, yet foreign.

Philosophize This!

Are you a deep thinker but not the fastest reader? Does Nietzsche’s Will of Power or Camus’ The Stranger exhaust you mentally after the first 15 pages? If so, Philosophize This! is the perfect podcast for you. In under an hour, Stephen West decodes some of history’s most incomprehensible philosophies for the layman to understand. When you can’t listen to people talking at you anymore, this podcast gives you a lot to think about.

Written by Ahilya Mehta