SC Inside Out | Calvin And Hobbes Will Make You Feel Better About Your Day

Even though I am technically an adult (as my parents keep reminding me), I have never related to anything more than Calvin and Hobbes right now. The child in me feels seen and heard and very validated with all the emotions I am feeling. If you’re anything like me and have felt varied forms of happiness, anxiety, frustration, anger, joy, peace during this lockdown, then this is for you.

Happy Reading!

I mean, the minute you go into a Netflix binge (hello Money Heist), it’s like there’s never enough time to watch it endlessly. It is always interrupted with a reminder that you have responsibilities in the adult world. Why was I dying to grow up? Oh yes, I thought I’d have more freedom. Well, that clearly blew up in my face.

I can’t believe we went to crowded bars and clubs. Shook hands with complete strangers. How am I going to get used to being around people again?

Little Joys Of Life

  1. Drinking green tea while reading a good book
  2. Memes
  3. Being able to stay in pjs all day
  4. Eating french fries
  5. Watching Chris Evans on Defending Jacob


Stay in the moment. Focus on the now. How many times have we heard this? I have always had a hard time with that. How am I supposed to focus on the present when there are so many things that could go wrong in the future?

During this lockdown I’ve given this whole “stay in the moment” a shot, and it hasn’t been too bad. It’s made me calmer and better equipped to deal with the craziness of my day. I’m looking at you Zoom meetings.

You’re having a nice time, daydreaming about your next meal or date night and your phone starts beeping with incessant messages with all bad news. Sigh. Come back to reality and prepare for a constant discussion on how our planet is doomed.

Side note: Why don’t we forward good news with the same speed that we forward negative news? For once it would be nice to get a forward that says, thousands of people cured, earth is healing, and people are being nice to one another.

So, you’re telling me, that I don’t have a Fairy Godmother who is magically going to show up one day and make my life fabulous? I actually have to work at being happy? Ugh. No thank you.

My forever coping mechanism.

The number of times I have thought Thursday was Friday or Tuesday was Wednesday is embarrassing. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, hoping for the weekend to come sooner or just basic losing all sense of time in this pandemic blackhole.

This is my basic mood. Whether it’s turning in a new article at work or thinking of what to make for dinner, panic has been my best source of creativity. Adjusting to the “new normal” – hate that term, all scheduling hacks have been thrown out of the window. No matter how many articles I read about WFH tips, it’s so tough to focus when your thoughts are constantly jumbled in your head. Can this be over already?

YES! This is a reminder for all of us. With the number of productivity videos and articles out there, one would think we are all on an extended holiday instead of trying to deal with a global pandemic. Take it easy today. Stay in bed. Wear your PJs. Read a book. Watch TV. Do what you need to do to feel better. The world can live without your banana bread and Dalgona Coffee.

Written by Anchal Khetan