SC Inside Out | Diary Of A White Tee Addict

Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing a uniform. White tee, jeans, flats and an oversized tote. It’s a combination I’ve worn countless number of times but somehow it manages to look different – every. single. time. The concept was somehow seeded when I was a teenager. “Mom! I have no clothes, what do I wear?” Which prompted my mother to tell me to look harder, while my father (yes, my father) would always tell me to throw on a white t-shirt and jeans. But who takes fashion advice from their dad? It certainly wasn’t going to be me and yet, here we are! I currently own 32 white tops (yes, I counted for the sake of this post). These include tank tops, shirts, t-shirts, embellished tops, crop tops and every single kind of white you could imagine.

Am I surprised with the number? No. Will I still buy more? Hell, yes!

Every time I travel, I have to bring back a crisp white tee and every time I shop locally (online or offline) I somehow gravitate to the the white tops. You could say that if I were a bee, the white tee would be my honey. Hec, I’ve even worn one with a sari! Is this a problem? Is it my signature style? Do people identify me as the white tee girl? For me, it’s all about the comfort. It’s a tried and tested style. Over the years, I’ve realised it looks good and I’ve found ways to make it look good – no matter what the occasion – with the right accessories.

But where am I going with this post? What I’m trying to find out is, does everyone have a uniform? I’ve noticed it with my friends. One always wears a shirt with leggings, another loves dresses (all kinds of day dresses). One will always, always wear a crop top when we go out and another loves her palazzo pants with a shirt or kurti on top.

So what’s your uniform? What do you gravitate to most when you’re looking for something to wear? You could be a jeans girls. You could LOVE all-black, all day (I used to be her). We might not be in school anymore, but it looks like the uniform’s still going strong.

Of course you can be a rainbow. You can choose to express yourself differently every day and nail it every single time. For me though, the white tee is life, call me an addict if you’d like but at least no one can force me into rehab 😀