SC Inside Out | I’d Like To Steal The Costumes From This Indian TV Show Please!

Up until very, very recently, the last Indian TV show I’d ever watched was Remix. I was all of fourteen, and rebellious, red-headed Anvesha was my idol at the time. Cut to 2020 and the emergence of streaming apps like Netflix, Prime and Hotstar creating quality, local content that I’m more than eager to consume, especially in this lockdown. To be honest, I didn’t give Four More Shots Please! well, a shot until I’d run out of everything else to binge. Better late than never because the costumes on the show looked like things I could easily see myself wearing IRL. Umang, Damini, Siddhi and Anjana seem to have the wardrobes of my dreams and if you haven’t given the show a watch as yet, if nothing, do it for the clothes.

Here are a few pieces, if given the chance, I’d steal off their backs in a flash…

On Bani (Umang)

She might be from Ludhiana but her sportswear could fit in the pages of a fashion magazine’s ‘fit’ issue. The coolest hoodies, sports bras, sneakers and just basically her athleisure – tbh I’d be more regular with my workouts if I was wearing them.

On Sayani (Damini)

She’s young, she’s creative and everything she wears to Truck Bar would work for any kind of night out in Bombay, or anywhere in the world really. Cool off-shoulder tops, well-fitting jeans and just an all-round aura of being chic (in a non-cringe way).

On Kriti (Anjana)

Kind of like an Indian Jessica on Suits, she works as a senior lawyer in Mumbai so her wardrobe is full of well-fitting suits but also some of the hottest dresses I’ve seen.

On Maanvi (Siddhi)

On the show, Siddhi struggles with accepting her body and appearance. Once she does, her outfits truly hit the spot. Bright colours, dresses and jackets that accentuate her curves and some styling tricks even my size 2 self will be trying as soon as I can get out of the house!

The show has a side of hipster in the form of Amrita Puri who plays Kavya and a little bit of elite in Lisa Ray and Shibani Dandekar who play Samara and Sushmita respectively. Honestly, the show is a must-watch – both for the story as well as the impeccable style! Oh and, lets not forget Prateik Babbar who’s an ABSOLUTE dish (you really won’t regret this!)