SC Inside Out | Working From Home? Here’s What Your Desk Should Look Like

It’s been over a month and counting and working from your office seems like a distant dream right about now. Hah, look at us, dreaming about heading back to work – to the chair that now has your imprint on it, to your “organised-mess” of a desk, to those colleagues you were used to seeing every working day of your life. Before you go down that rabbit hole, let me quickly bring you back to reality. Today it’s all about WFH or “work from home” (if your vocation allows it). But if you’re doing said work in bed, you’re probably not doing a very good job right about now.

So we decided to call for some reinforcements. We had a quick, productive (you’ll soon understand why) chat with Rohina Anand Khira, decor maven and CEO at AA Living who piped up and said,

“I’ve turned my dressing table into my work station!”

Which, if your dresser is high enough, is the most logical thing to do, right? But what if that doesn’t work? What do you do if you don’t have a desk around you?

Rohina’s Dressing Table

“Be creative! Look around you – I turned my bedroom vanity into a workstation. Maybe your dining table?”,

says Rohina. When selecting an efficient workspace, she adds, “Don’t select a space where there’s too much footfall. Try and select a spot in your home where people won’t disturb you too much but you will still get an electric point for your chargers etc. I can’t stress enough about a good chair with correct back support. This is crucial to whether you will be able to work for a longer span of time or not.” And finally, “Try and select a space that you won’t need to clear up every day and that can be a constant for the next three weeks.”

Rohina’s Desk Now

Now that’s got to be better than your bed, right? Imagine managing to churn out work for more than an hour at a time and not having to haul everything to and from your bed everyday?

Productivity in a formal workspace is easy considering everyone has their heads glued to their screens for most of the day. But if you have constant sounds coming out of the kitchen, or parents who like to get in their daily 5000 steps at home, here are a few things Rohina suggests to stay productive, “Your environment should be minimalistic, uncluttered and free of distractions. Keep yourself well hydrated. Good lighting is key. An open window next to your space would be fantastic for both light and to give your brain some oxygen

And lastly, here are a few things that she suggests you can add to your makeshift office to motivate you to get up and get shit done everyday:

  • A small reed diffuser with a calming scent like lavender – always does the trick for me.
  • A desk plant for added oxygen and because they are so pretty.
  • A good desk lamp if you don’t have sufficient overhead lighting.

Of course this entire interview was conducted while I was seated at my new desk, that was once my husband’s poker table. Oh and since I followed through with most of Rohina’s suggestions, this whole article pretty much wrote itself! Happy working, ladies and gentlemen – don’t forget to hydrate!