SC Inside Out | Your Guide To Quarantine Wellness With Priya Kapur

These are unprecedented times and every day is different. While on some days we get a fresh burst of inspiration and energy, other days can be overwhelming. And as daunting as all this can be, it’s the baby steps that we take in looking after ourselves, our business and our wellness that will help in creating that strong foundation for the future. To nudge you in the right direction, I had a chat with Priya Kapur – businesswoman, mother, author and an all-round superwoman, on how she’s dealing with running multiple businesses, being a new mother, and staying stylish in this lockdown.

Priya Kapur

A bit about her:

Kapur runs Priya Kapur – Makeup & Hair  a successful make-up venture,  The Glocal Trunk an online fashion jewellery retail platform and is the Director of Grentex and Co Pvt. Ltd.  & GR Woollen Mills, her family business – so of course, she’s no stranger to multi-tasking. She started her make up business in 2005 and through the years has worked with publications and brands such as Seventeen India, Elle, Brides Now, Jade, and many more. In 2016 she ventured into the e-commerce space and founded ‘The Glocal Trunk’ (TGT) an online fashion jewellery retail platform. She’s also the author of Bridal Diaries – A Coffee Table Book for Brides. As you could imagine, all of this makes her the perfect person to inspire us to get out of our slump and look ahead.

How are you handling your businesses at this time? Do you have any tips for other women juggling work, family and lockdown?

Family has taken first priority in these times and keeping mentally & physically healthy is imperative to making things work professionally. I am a new mom, which in itself is taxing and now the pressure of doing all the household chores during this lockdown has further left me exhausted. Family and spousal support, sharing responsibilities and understanding each other’s professional space has helped me maintain work family balance.

Here are a few things she recommends:

  • Stay disciplined — a quick to-do list helps you plan your day and take each hour forward productively. Allocate time – errand time, work time, baby time. Try and jot down tasks for the following day the night before. Then all you have to do is follow the checklist and achieve basic targets.
  • Body & Mind Equilibrium – Keep your body and mind healthy by eating, sleeping and exercising right. Take time out for meditation. An at-home spa routine can do wonders.

  • Open Communication – Keep in touch with family and friends. Try making important occasions – like quarantine birthdays and anniversaries, fun with group video calls. Don’t miss out on staying connected with loved ones. Cherish every moment.
  • Keep screen time per day to a minimum – Take in the important information but don’t over expose yourself to world happenings unnecessarily.

  • Stay Busy – workout, read, watch movies, binge on Netflix – trust me no one will judge you and no one should. Do what you have to, to stay peaceful and happy.

  • Be in the ‘Now’ – It’s essential to be fully present either while doing your work or spending time with your baby. Try to dedicate uninterrupted time for both.
  • Unwind from working at home – Keep work hours regular, even though it’s easier to get carried away working in the comfort of one’s home and lose track of time.

  • Think out of the box – For example, I work when my baby sleeps and have managed to squeeze in more work during her nap time than I have in the past few months. Make it work for you.
  • Take up a hobby or learn a new skill. Use this time to hone a talent that you never had the time for otherwise.

Make up tips & tricks recommended by Priya

  • Wavy hair hack: Tie a braid at night and sleep and just before untying the braid the next morning, put on a little hair spray. Leave it on for 10 mins and loosen your hair. This will give those beachy natural waves.
  • Dry shampoo to the rescue: Keep a dry shampoo handy. This one works wonders on the day’s where we have no time for self-care. It helps keep the grease away and is a quick fix to an otherwise long head bath session. 
  • Masking: Use water soluble masks to keep yourself and your skin rejuvenated. After a tiring day and night of baby handling, this will be a quick fix. You can apply this during your baby’s nap time.

  • Concealer is your best friend: Don’t be fooled – the dreaded dark circles will happen, but the easiest way to hide them is concealing. Use a hydrating concealer and dab under your eyes. Make a ‘v’ shape under your eyes and blend inwards. This will give you a natural look. At night apply an overnight under eye cream for your skin type. This will help regain and retain the moisture eventually getting rid of your dark circles. 
  • Rose water spritz: Keep your face fresh with a rose water spritz. This will hydrate and help your skin feel plump and less flushed. The more you let your natural skin breathe post pregnancy the better it is in the long run. The PKMH Team suggests other ways to use Rose Water 

  • Multi-purpose products: A multipurpose tint for lips and cheeks can be used to save time and give you that healthy, fresh glow from within look. 
  • Invest in fun hair accessories: This will keep your hair off your face and add that extra oomph to your look.

Tips by The Glocal Trunk on taking care of your jewellery

  • Keep jewellery away from direct heat, water, perfumes, deodorants and other strong chemicals.
  • Wipe your jewellery gently with a chamois cloth or with a soft cloth before wearing
  • Preserve your jewellery in the original box or in separate soft cloth/muslin pouch to keep them away from dust and moisture.
  • Always put your jewellery on last when dressing so clothes don’t catch on it.

Written by Chandini Batra