SC Loves: Taylor Swift’s new Bad Blood music video

Taylor Swift broke the internet yesterday with the premiere of her Bad Blood music video that boasts of an all-star cast so big, it puts your favourite TV show to shame.

There’s nothing like a good cameo – it happens every time we watch a KJo movie, out of no where, a star cameo in a song has us all grinning at the pleasant surprise. Well, ‘Bad Blood’ will have you grinning in glee as the star appearances keep coming by, models, actresses, singers galore!

With catchy names introducing each one of them; Taylor Swift ‘Catastrophe’, Zendaya Coleman ‘Cut Throat’, Cara Delevingne ‘Mother Chucker’ and bonus points if you spot the ageless supermodel Cindy Crawford as ‘Headmistress’.

We could go on and on, but, you may as well see it for yourself;

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Press Room

Taylor was the biggest winner at the Billboard music awards with a whopping number of eight wins in her name, we’re convinced that this girl can do no wrong!

Tell us, who was your favourite cameo in the video?