SC Review: Fat Man’s Cafe

With its white washed brick walls and bright pop colors, Fat Man’s Cafe (in Bandra West) is pretty hard to miss in a street full of restaurants. The cafe belongs to Mr. Rajiv Tandon, owner of Tryst, the nightclub in Lower Parel.

Team SC went to the Fat Man’s for a bite, and we were utterly delighted with what we were served! We got to try their trademark dishes, the Chicken Roulade and the Pesto chicken skewers, which were both mouth-watering. The watermelon and feta salad is a healthy choice and lip-smacking too. For breakfast, a Fat Man’s special baked bowl is not to be missed. This dish has a runny yolk center baked in a creamy spinach and tomato sauce. It’s also available in a non-veg variant with sausages, bacon and cheese! As far as refreshments go, the two we tried – green apple lemonade and the classic mojito – were to die for! For dessert, we had the best chocolate mousse cup in town, which is made on a daily basis by Rajiv’s best friend’s mom Vijaya Noorani herself!






Seriously, this place is a treasure trove where the most discerning of epicureans will find delicious gems of dishes! With SC’s stamp of approval, Fat Man’s Cafe is a must-visit. Here’s a little note from the Fat Man to all his foodies!


We are here to satiate your ever growing hunger pangs! At Fat Man’s Cafe we have an eclectic mix of all the foods your momma warned you about to all the food she tried so hard to feed you.
Our fat man is an avid eater. He’s proud of his culinary diversity and has his culinary team to cater to varied palates at his quaint little abode. Make sure to work up an appetite before walking in because he won’t leave you hungry!


The cafe is an extension of the Fat Man’s personality. He is jovial and this is his happy place!
He loves to travel and a lot of the incorporations are inspired by his travelogue.
To him, cooking is an art and he believes he is an artist. The quirky details of the space , use of color and the vintage furniture are all finds of his exquisite taste.
Our fat man loves his music. He’s a fan of anything that sounds good to the ear and uplifts the mood. Slow, sad ballads are just not his groove. The music at his cafe is all the same, happy tunes to forget your worries and leave you with tapping feet and big smiles.
Although he doesn’t have the physique to support the athlete in him, he loves cricket. He is a true patriot at heart and his love for his country and the sport is undying!
Our fat man always says ‘Never trust a skinny cook’ and he’s here to put this theory to practice ! He opens his diner to all those who truly live to eat and hopes for them to have an experience like no other!

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