SC Stylist Pick: Off-Shoulder Outfits That Are Fit For Every Occasion

I don’t know about you but I love a good off-shoulder top. They tend to look good on most body types and manage to perk up the most boring pair of jeans. So of course they’re my go-to piece for most occasions – be it a brunch, a party or just a day out shopping.

Our stylists at StyleCracker feel the same way. Which is why they’ve stocked up on the coolest off-shoulders in town. Where can you get it? In a StyleCracker Box of course! This way they can make sure you get the colour, size and style suited to your taste and sent straight to your doorstep – it’s the easiest way to shop and make sure you look good at the same time.

So without any further ado, these are the off-shoulder outfits our stylists are loving right now:

Wear it to lunch with your besties with a pair of jeans and a bright tote

Top, Femella | Bag, Bagstopia | Shoes, The Cai Store in the #SCBox

Wear it to a day full of shopping with sneakers

Dress, The Yellow Hangar in the #SCBox
Dress, The Yellow Hangar in the #SCBox

Take the off-shoulder to a fun picnic out of town

Top, Happy April | Shoes, The Cai Store in the #SCBox

And you can even wear it to a formal cocktail party

Dress, Zima Leto in the #SCBox

Like what you see? Don’t forget to order your box at a fantastic price today!