SC SUPPORTS: Five Indian NGOs to applaud on World Animal Day

Every October 4th, we give a big shout-out to our furry friends. Trust us, even the smallest of gestures will make a big impact in the long run. Dedicate today to not only showing some extra TLC to your house pet but also street animals. Here are some NGOs working round the clock to ensure a better standard of life to animals across India

1. Paws Mumbai

paws (1)

Founded in 2002, Plant & Animals Welfare Society, Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) is an independently registered Non-Government Organisation (NGO) undertaking work in the field of animal and environmental protection. Their primary objectives involve wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, adoptions, proving first aid, vaccination and raising donation for their causes.


fiapo (1)

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations was created by animal protection activistsfrom several leading animal protection organisations. FIAPO has organised several local animal protection movements in different states of the country and has also hosted three national animal protection conferences in India. It also undertakes campaigns and research on rights of animals.


buddha society for animal welfare1

Buddha Society for animal welfare was established to provide veterinary medical service for those animals who are less privileged than others and deprived of minimum essential veterinary medical aid. Every year the trust also imparts training and teaching to those who are passionate to provide veterinary care in the remotest corner of the nation.

4. PFA

people for animals (1)

People for Animals also known as PFA is one of India’s largest animal welfare organization with a nationwide network of 26 hospitals, 165 units and 2.5 Lakh members. Their primary objective is to work to rescue and rehabilitate sick and needy animals by setting up and running shelters,ambulance services, sterilization programs, treatment camps and disaster rescue missions for animals. They also conduct education programs in schools, fight cases in court and lobby on animal issues in parliament. At present, they have a nationwide network of 165 units, 26 hospitals and 60 mobile units.

5. Friendicoes

friendicoes (1)

Established in 1979 with a mission to provide a safe haven for the city’s sick, abandoned, orphaned and rejected animals, Friendicoes, today has a country sanctuary to house animals who need lifetime care and they run four Spay / Neuter clinics to control stray dog population.They also have ambulances on call for emergencies, a hospital for strays in Delhi, a wel-equipped clinic/path lab for pets and also run a mobile equine clinic for working horses and donkeys.