SC Travel Diaries: Seville

Situated in the heart of Spain, at the southern tip of Andalucia, with never ending sunshine all year long – Seville is the birthplace of culture, flamenco and bull fighting. SC’s Head Graphic Designer, Adel D’Souza was lucky enough to have a visit last September.



Language was no barrier for our bubbly Adel, who thoroughly enjoyed her stay and is here to offer you six convincing reasons to visit Seville!

1. The scenic architecture – Plaza de España


Built in 1928, it’s the perfect example of the Renaissance Revival style in Spanish architecture.


Art-deco elements combined with Moorish architecture – so serene and calm!

2. Alcázar of Seville 


The royal palace of Seville – rich in Moorish and Roman architecture.


Gorgeous gardens and intricate tiling.

The Cathedral
The Cathedral
Barrio Santacruz
Barrio Santacruz

3. Tapas


There are some great tapas bars all over town, simply spot them by the group of locals gathered outside. Since the Sevillians have a laid-back lifestyle, be mentally prepared to be served lunch after 2:30pm and dinner, well after 10.


Must-eats: Paella, anchovies, fritatta, crocettas and gazpacho and some amazing deserts.

4. Citrus-y sights


The streets are filled with their renowned ‘Seville oranges’ – as you walk the streets, more than 14,000 bitter orange trees decorate the calles and infuse this charming city with the heavenly scent of their blossoms every spring.

5. Flamenco dancers


With roots in Indian, Arabic, Spanish cultures, flamenco dance is known for its sweeping arm movements and rhythmic feet stomping. An expressive yet difficult form of dance, it’s characterized by hand clapping gestures, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm and body movements – dance away!

6. Wanderers rejoice

It’s really easy to get to places by foot even though Seville is Spain’s fourth largest city, it won’t feel like it!


Watch out for the winding cobbled streets, white washed, freshly painted villas and condos with thatched roofs.

We’re convinced and calling our travel agents right away, are you?