SC’s Guide To Colaba Street Shopping!

All major cities have that one place where the streets are filled with vendors selling everything from fashion to food. Delhi has Sarojini Nagar and Janpath, but when one thinks street shopping in Mumbai, the first place that springs to mind in Colaba Causeway! If you are on a budget, are an avid bargainer and want to buy something fashionable, look no further than Colaba.

The street vendors are sweet and sassy and will try their utmost to make a sale to every customer. Thus they make for the best bargain salesmen. The bargaining that goes on in Colaba street market is completely nuts, provided you know a good deal from a bad one. Colaba Causeway has everything from clothes and accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags to even home décor stuff. If you’re looking for chic budget buys, Colaba market is your best bet. The place is especially well-known for its amazing accessories and statement jewelry – you’ll be spoilt for choice.


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That’s not all the place has to offer though. It has the very famous Leopold café, Mc Donalds and many more restaurants for indulging all your taste buds.

In terms of fashion, Colaba Causeway is every college student’s dream destination to shop in Mumbai. There are many branded and high end stores around the street market as well. It has designers from Rohit Bal to Ranna Gill and more high street brands like Addidas and Nike.

Colaba is not only famous for its shopping but also known for its superb night life. It has the very famous SOCIAL to have a good time after a long day of shopping. Basically, Colaba Causeway has something for everyone.

So enjoy guilt-free shopping and don’t burn a hole in your wallet. You will still come home a happy shopper, your bags filled with chic finds!




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