SC’s Guide To Hassle-free Halloween Dressing!

If you thought that Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total s*** and no other girls can say anything about it, you have watched Mean Girls way too many times, or maybe you’re just really into it. Either way, if you want to be the talk of the party season, follow our guide to fuss-free, hassle-free Halloween outfits that are stylish to boot. Read on for amazingly chic (not to mention easy) couple costume ideas!

Grease’s Danny & Sandy

Oh the classics! If yours is/was one of those summer loves, high-school romances; step into Danny’s and Sandy’s stylish shoes from the 1978 musical rom-com Grease.

Halloween Looks 5 Couple

Popeye & Olive

What girl doesn’t want to be rescued by the likes of a spinach-eating, pipe-puffing hunk-a-junk! SC picks out the most suave and stylish doppelganger outfits for all those closeted Popeye(s) and Olive(s) out there.

Halloween Looks 1 Couple

Pirates of the Caribbean – Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann

How could we not, they are too iconic to resist! We only hope we have done justice to your favorite on-screen badass couple. Grab these outfits inspired by Captain Jack’s accomplices. We’ll see you in Tortuga!

Halloween Looks 2 Couple

Pride & Prejudice – Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet

All the Jane Austen book club members rejoice! Love stories that begin in detestations usually end in happy tears. If you have found your Mr. Darcy, SC has curated the perfect Halloween costume for you – classy and elegant.

Halloween Looks 4 Couple

The Great Gatsby – Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanan

We saved the best for last. The theme of Gatsby gave our escapist minds the fodder of decadence. Fashion was never better, never richer. Go all out with our Gatsby themed couples’ outfits, gracefully slipping into the glamour of Roaring 20s.

Halloween Looks 3 Couple

Entering Halloween parties stag or with your BFFs? SC picks out looks that you would definitely want to try!

Audrey Hepburn

Too clichéd? They call it timeless for a reason. Plus when has SC ever steered you wrong? Try our picks of the legendary Fashionista, make her style your own.

Halloween Looks6

Black Swan

There are two sides to every story, two faces to a coin yada, yada, yada. We all have the Odette and Odile in us. Why not set the Odile in us free this Halloween, with SCs reinterpretation of the Black Swan!

Halloween Looks9

Cruella de Ville

It is Halloween after all, so we thought why not! She may not be the finest dame in the history of animated films, but she does make a damn fine socialite. If you like the best of the best, you will definitely love our take on Disney’s most stylish vamp. A cuddly dalmatian pup will be the best accessory for this outfit!

Halloween Looks7

Lady Gaga

Couldn’t resist, yet again. But we promise no lobster hats and barely there bubble dresses. SC pulls out her most tasteful red carpet looks (it wasn’t as tricky as you think) and recreates them for all you Lil Monsters out there.

Halloween Looks 10

Sugar Skull

Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, and keeping traditions alive, celebrate the Day of the Dead with SC’s favorite picks for the holiday.

Halloween Looks8


This Halloween, keep it simple yet stylish. Chat with our stylists for more last minute outfit ideas!