SC’s Guide To Wearing Heels Daily!

Painful heels and swollen, blistered toes are a huge problem that women worldwide face everyday. Some of us have given up almost entirely on high heels and only stick to wearing them very rarely.

We buy gorgeous heels with so much anticipation and expectations and eventually end up hating them when they try to murder our toes! To avoid all the heart (and feet) ache, SC has listed down a few tips and hacks that will help you wear heels with more ease, maybe even everyday!

Choose your shoes wisely. Stilettos might look sexy but you won’t when you hobble around weirdly in them. Block heels look just as good and are way more comfortable to wear. For regular or long-hour wear, pick thick soled, properly cushioned heels. Wedges work great as everyday heels!




Platform heels reduce the elevation your soles have to suffer, thus increasing the comfort level to a tenfold. Also, another option you can try are insoles. Gel insoles are known to lend extra comfort and support.


Make absolutely sure that you’re wearing the right size shoe. If it pinches your toes or your foot slide forward, then it’s not a right fit for you and you should try a size lower or higher.

Carry a pair of flats in your bag when going out in a pair of high heels that you know you’re going to be wearing for a long period of time. That way, you’ll always have the option of changing shoes if your feet hurt too much. (Rihanna does it… and so do our stylists!)

Don’t buy heels online. You need to try them on and walk around to actually know if they fit you well before buying them.

WhoWhatWear recommends taping your third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe) together to alleviate pain from wearing high heels. The proof is in the science: there’s a nerve that splits between those two toes, which causes pain when pressure is put on it (like when you wear heels). The tape helps to remove strain on the nerve. It’s a hack that has women weeping with utter joy!

Ankle straps and Mary Janes are more comfortable than no-strap pumps, as they provide extra support and your feet do not slide out of place.




Finally, for everyday wear, try picking out shoes with not more than 3 inches of heel. Medium height heels are a better option that not wearing heels at all, and besides, chunky low heels are crazy popular right now!