SC’s Style Guide To Crack That Interview

The first thing to keep in mind while dressing for an important interview is that you will be judged on your appearance too (partly at least). Recruitment experts tell us that the decision to hire a person or not is made by the time the said person walks in, sits down and introduces themselves. Apart from your qualifications, you are judged on the way you conduct yourself and the way you dress. Yes, as superficial as it sounds, first impressions are often the last as far as job interviews are concerned. And let’s be honest, nobody wants to hire a slob who’s too lazy to even dress nicely for an interview.

We’ve put together a list of few things you need to remember if you’re dressing to impress the potential employers.

Make sure the outfit is ironed and ready the night before. There should be no spill stains or creases on it. A neat, crisp garment scores points in your favour, even if it’s just a basic white button down.

Do NOT wear pink. Legally Blonde was a great movie, but in reality, Elle would not have wanted to walk in the courtroom wearing pink from head to toe. When a woman wears pink to an interview, she gives the impression of vulnerability, and people don’t really tend to take her seriously. If you really love pink and can’t do without it, add it in moderation (like a scarf, maybe) and choose a subtle shade as opposed to a louder color.

Don’t experiment with your outfit if you’re not confident about it. Usually we appreciate a daring fashion effort, even if it doesn’t work, but for something as important as an interview, it’s advisable to not take unnecessary chances. Stick to the rules, you’ll get plenty of other opportunities to experiment with your look.


The basics always work. That includes classic combinations like a crisp white shirt, worn with a grey pencil skirt and a well-fitted charcoal blazer. Opt for high-waisted trousers if you’re not comfortable with a pencil skirt. Don’t go belt-less if there are loops on your skirt or pants.


Don’t be scared to put on prints. Just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Try mixing prints together for tops and bottoms. Checks and stripes always work, but you can take a chance with some nice florals too!


For your makeup, less is more in this scenario. If you are not an expert and don’t wear makeup regularly, don’t start on the day of your interview. They’ll notice it if your eyeliner is crooked or your red lipstick is on your teeth. Just make sure your face isn’t greasy and that’s it. For lipstick, go for matte shades and forego the gloss.

Keep your hairstyle simple and neat. While messy is the new neat, the trend doesn’t work for professional settings. If you have bangs, make sure they are pinned up properly and don’t fall on your face. A ponytail is a classy option that always works.


Finally, when you walk in, you do not want to take the chance of tripping and falling flat on your face. While heels are preferable to flats for an interview, choose a height that doesn’t make you hobble around weirdly. Go for low to medium heels that you can walk around confidently in.

We can always count on Victoria Beckham to provide awesome workwear inspiration, if we ever encounter a style block. So chic!


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