SC’s Style Quiz: Which stylish pop songstress are you?

Rita Ora and Taylor Swift are young and peppy, and their individualistic sense of style has been taken on our fashion radar. Take our style quiz and find out which fashion icon’s style you related to best.

1. What makes your feet happy?

A. Squared-toe pumps.

B. Snake-skin platforms.

Celebrity Apprentice in Central Park

2. What kind of sunglasses would soothe your eyes?

A. The ravishing cat eye.

B. The good ol’ reflective shades.


3. A piece that you just can’t lose?

A. A locket given to you by your mother.

B. A tartan scarf that you absolutely cherish.


4. What would you wear for a day out with your girls?

A. A chic button-down shirt dress.

B. Punk pairings of boyfriend jeans and a hoodie.


5. On a bad hair day, would you rather…

A. Wear a black fedora.

B. Tuck it under a snazzy baseball cap.


6. What do you hate the most?

A. Ripped jeans and a mesh top.

B. A pastel skater dress.

7. Who do you consider your fashion icon?

A. Audrey Hepburn.

B. Madonna.

8. What is your weekend style?

A. Shorts and a tank top with a cardigan.

B. A leather skirt with a thigh-high slit.

9. How would you experiment with your hair?

A. A brow-grazing retro fringe.

B. A mint-green ombré.


Curious to find out which style icon you are?

If you have gotten:

Mostly A’s 

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals


You are a classic and timeless beauty, who loves her treasures and would only experiment with a few cute trends. Anything soothing and fluttery would appeal to you. Congratulations! You are Taylor Swift.

Mostly B’s



You are bold and not afraid to put yourself out there. You would take up a challenge and tread the waters that others wouldn’t and come out with phenomenal results. Congratulations! You are Rita Ora.

Let us know which style icon you turned out to be.